General Knowledge Quiz-P2 (Based on Photographic Day)

Q.1 What is AWB short for?

AWB (or Auto White Balance) allows the camera to choose a different white balance for each photo.

Q.2 When would you’re use the “Bulb” setting?

Bulb mode or The B setting keeps the shutter open for as long as the shutter button is held down. When combined with a remote release cable shutter speeds can extend well beyond the usual maximum of 30 seconds.

Q.3 If you have a camera with 1.5 crop factor and use a 200mm f/2.8 lens what would be the equivalent focal length.

Focal lengths are noted for full frame cameras, so crop sensor cameras effectively make focal lengths longer when using the same lens.

Q.4 Which of the following isn’t a use for a polarising filter?

Q.5 Background blur is also known as

Bokeh is best seen when shooting with a small f number.

Q.6 What does the term “Prime lens” mean?

In years gone by Prime lenses offered unrivalled image quality. Today the best zooms can often give prime lenses a run for their money.

Q.7 Depth of field is linked to all of these, except…

ISO can be used to affect the choice of shutter speed and aperture but by itself it has no impact on depth of field.

Q.8 Which of these would give the darkest photo?

Q.9 When it comes to apertures, which of the following is true?

This can really make your head spin! A big f number, like f/22, is a small hole for light to pass through, gives a big depth of field and reduces the shutter speed.

Q.10 The camera lens is responsible for control of all of the following except…

Although you can adjust all these settings from the camera, only the shutter speed is a mechanical part of the body.

 Photography Tips and Tricks

To capture your subject in motion, choose a shutter speed that is around two steps lower than needed. Keep your camera on your subject, with your finger half way down on the shutter to lock to lock the focus. Take the photo and pan the camera with them as they move.

1. Be in two places at once with an easy panoramic trick  

With the help from a friend and a little jogging, you can pose in the frame multiple times. Open your phone’s camera app and select the panoramic mode. Have your friend start on the far left of the frame and slowly pan to the right. As soon as you are out of the frame run around behind your friend and pose again somewhere to the right. Play around with it to see how many times you can squeeze into the frame.

2. Speaking of panoramic shots, change the direction and angle 

These aren’t complicated, but they might be something you haven’t realized yet. Change the panning direction by simply tapping the arrow and it will switch direction. Take vertical panoramic photos by rotating your smart phone so that you are holding it in landscape orientation. Instead of panning horizontally, pan vertically from low to high, or high to low.

3. Perfect “Jumpology” photos using burst mode and faster shutter speeds

Get low to take the photograph so the jumpers appear higher! If you have your subjects try to create shapes with their bodies instead of jumping straight up and down, it will give more of a floating effect. To ensure sure you capture the perfect moment, use the burst mode on your camera and a faster shutter speed to freeze the movement.  

4. Find the best spots for stunning sunrise and sunset photos using The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) app to map out the position of the sun

It’s a map-centric sun and moon calculator, allowing you to see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on Earth. It’s especially helpful in planning for early-morning shoots, when it’s harder to pinpoint exactly where the sun will rise

5. Don’t look through the viewfinder to capture more candid street shots 

Go a bit under the radar and see where it takes you when you don’t look through the viewfinder. Select your camera’s Program mode and set the drive mode to silent if your camera has this feature. Pre-focus the lens manually about five or six feet.

Source : “lifehack” Portal

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