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Happy Bags - International Changemaker Olympiad

Meet Anushka B, Lakshmi, Nitya, Kavinaya and Anushka R (Grade 8th) Team Happy Bags, Social Impact Award Winner. Anushka B, Lakshmi, Nitya, Kavinaya and Anushka R, 13-years old students, saw a lot of people using plastic carry bags to carry stationery, groceries, clothes and other items near their apartment, and started researching on the problem of plastic pollution. They started looking for alternatives and learned that using cloth bags can be a solution as it is bio-degradable, can hold weight and last for years. When they spoke to people to understand why they do not use cloth bags, they realized that the ones available in the market are expensive. In order to provide people with a cheaper alternative, they decided to reuse old clothes that would otherwise be discarded to create cloth bags out of them. And with this, they launched their initiative, “Happy Bags”.

Solution Implemented

To test their idea, they started collecting old clothes from their neighbors, that would have otherwise been discarded. After that, they learned how to stitch the old clothes to make carry bags, bought the required materials like glue and thread, and started stitching new bags. After making the first few bags, they began selling them to their neighbors.

Once they got a positive response, they decided to create a bigger impact. They collected large amounts of clothes from people, made bags out of them and went door-to-door in their apartments to sell them. They also made posters to tell people about the harmful effects on plastic and stuck them in their schools and apartments.

Impact Created

In a period of 3 months, they have made and sold 150+ bags that have reduced the usage of plastic bags. They now plan to expand their team to create an even bigger impact.

(Text Source: International Changemaker Olympiad)

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