How an Indian couple brings India to the US via e-commerce startup

How an Indian couple brings India to the US via e-commerce startup (formerly known as, is an Indian Marketplace that has brought a little India to the US through ecommerce. Indian products, food, spices, handicrafts, apparel are loved world over. Desiclik is one of the companies that has brought people living in USA, be it Indians or of any other nationality, an easy and affordable one-stop-shop access to Indian products. The site connects buyers and sellers together by providing them with a platform to promote and sell their merchandise. Since all the sellers are located in the United States, it provides customers with the best customer service and fast shipping. If you are looking for anything from India, is the place for you. It is like shopping at a local bazaar in India, but with the convenience of doing it online from your home or office in one easy checkout process. Sure, you might miss the lengthy haggling and bargaining – but other than that, we are sure you will enjoy every moment of shopping online at this site. Each shop at this local bazaar specializes in what they sell, giving buyers with more choices and the best possible bargains both in terms of quality and in price.

If you are a seller and stock unique South Asian merchandise, please visit our Merchant FAQ to explore how you can sign-up as a seller.

Providing our customers with a variety of good quality unique products from India at best possible price is our prime objective. @, Indian shopping in the USA is just Desi Click away where you can EXPLORE, SHOP & SELL ethnic Indian dresses, handicrafts, sweets to groceries and everything in between to meet your everyday as well as special occasion needs.