Albinder Dhindsa: CEO And Co-Founder Of Grofers

How IIT-Delhi Guy Albinder Dhindsa Accidentally Built Grofers

The 33-year-old young man – Albinder Dhindsa is Co-founder & CEO of, with a current valuation of roughly $115 Million is a Gurgaon-based start-up e-commerce platform which helps its customers with their daily shopping for products such as Grocery, Bakery Items, Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables, Meats, Baby Care Products, and many more! Albinder, unlike most other upcoming businessmen/women, was an accidental entrepreneur, who had absolutely no intentions of getting into business, but because he saw a huge gap in the market along with a lucrative opportunity, he simply couldn’t control his urges to jump on to the entrepreneurship wagon. But at the same time, even though he is a first-generation entrepreneur of his family, he is known for the ways he does and is doing business. Personally speaking, he has completed his Bachelors in Technology from the IIT-D and has also pursued his Masters in Business Administration from the Columbia University – Columbia Business School. Soon after completing his bachelors from IIT-D, Albinder began his career!

He started working in 2005 as a Transportation Analyst at URS Corporation and continued the same for almost 2 years. In 2007 he took his first jump and moved to Cambridge Systematics as a Senior Associate and went on to work with them for more than 3 years. In May 2010, Albinder decided to leave his job and moved to the United States to work pursue his Masters in Business Administration. While he was at it, he also joined UBS Investment Bank as an Associate in June 2011 for 3 months. After completing his studies, Albinder decided to move back to his home ground to join as their new Head of International Operations and went on to create a pool of knowledge for himself, for almost 3 years. And while he was at Zomato, he began working on his life’s most ambitious project – Grofers!

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