How to Install Roku Stick without Remote?

You must have tried connecting the Roku to the Wi-Fi connection without needing a remote. So you can refer the following guidelines to finish off the process

Roku Stick without Remote

Use the Mobile Hotspot

It is one of the simplest ways to configure the device without needing a remote. So it is better to follow the instructions to set up the Hotspot:

  1. First of all, surf to the settings option
  2. After this, push the Mobile Hotspot and click the setup Hotspot
  3. Then a mobile data notification appears, there you have to choose OK
  4. Also, you must set the security mode as WPA2 PSK
  5. Now the mobile hotspot has been created and it is time to activate it

Installing the app

Once the Hotspot has been set up, then you can take note of the steps below to install the app:

  1. Just take out the iOS device and open the App store
  2. In the search box, type “Roku Mobile app”
  3. Select the right app out from the list
  4. Choose the install option and include this application in your Apple phone

Make sure that you have logged in to App store before you try to install the app

After installing, open the Roku mobile app and use your account to sign in.

Now you can add all the channels to your Roku account and as well as connect to the device without any internet connection.

But you might have trouble while installing the app. So check if the internet connection is firm or not before you get the app.

You can even use the mobile app as a virtual remote and operate the TV. In addition, you can add platforms to the device

Call the support panel if any issue arises with the gadget @ +1-888-298-2680

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