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how to make a career in refrigeration and air conditioning

Career in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration  – Training | Job Opportunity

ISHRAE Institute of Excellence

Ishrae recognizes that for today’s busy professionals time is at a premium. At the same time one yearns for filling in the gaps in knowledge that we face from time to time.

The ICP (ISHRAE Certified Professional) courses are intensive and culminate with a certification exam. Those achieving certification are a class apart! Your name appears on Ishrae website. You can declare it on your visiting card. Your employers know your mettle. Your customers get confidence dealing with you.

IIE has developed an invaluable and practical course curriculum, suitable for fresh engineers, diploma holders and working professionals in the HVAC&R industry. Curriculum gives a taste of real world solutions and is designed in simple modules for
effective & holistic implementation. This advanced diploma course is totally a job oriented program which equips the candidate with all the fundamental aspects of AC systems design, enabling to start off with a professional career in this field. The course, rolled out earlier by ISHRAE in some cities has met with success. There are almost more than 150 Diploma holders from the previous program placed in the HVAC industry today in various prestigious organizations. There are some candidates who are working outside India as well. The course has been appreciated and accepted by the industry professionals. It has met with a lot of interest & acclaim and rest assured, our trained students will have exciting prospects of working in the industry. The course combines 3 months of classroom training and 1 month of practical training in select industry sponsored/ connected organizations which gives a wholesome idea and a very good perspective of the industry practices to the candidates. To top it all, the course is being conducted by faculty who have an invaluable experience in the industry and drawn from the various fields like consulting, manufacturing and contracting companies. This course is a stepping stone for those who wish to make a career in the HVAC&R industry.

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