How to Promote Healthy Eating in Your Child?

Making a child eat healthy is not only a priority but also a great challenge, faced by most parents. And if your child happens to be a fussy eater, things can be really troublesome.

A child may turn down any particular food for any reason but as a parent, it is your responsibility that you don’t give up.

Promoting healthy eating habits in children helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they grow up. Also, a balanced diet will ensure that your child has a healthy weight and normal growth.

Each child will respond inversely to varied food types and need some sort of encouragement.

So, here you can find some handy tips and strategies aimed at instilling healthy eating habits in your child.

  1. Follow a schedule

The most important thing to do is ‘Maintain a proper eating schedule’. Whether you have a toddler or school going child, there must be a proper time fixed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And not just the child, even you should try and follow it as far as possible. Eating at proper time intervals will ensure that your child is well-fed and is getting the required nutrients timely.

  1. Be patient when introducing new food

Okay, it’s agreeable that you can’t stick to one or two food types. Your child needs various nutrients and this calls for a diet including different food types. But when introducing new food choices, be a little patient. Your child may not adapt to the change easily. He may act fussy or turn down the food. In both scenarios, you should be patient. Neither reprimanding will help nor giving up. Try to incorporate the food using different methods. Alter the recipe or mix it with something that your child loves to eat. You’ll have to look for ways to make your child adapt to the change in diet and get used to the taste.

  1. Get creative with meals

Well, this might be a little tricky and not easy for all. But you can’t deny the fact that food which looks good appeals to the kids more. Be a little creative with the meals you plan for your child. You can use different veggies to make a colorful plate. Give foods some silly names that not just seek your child’s attention but also tempt him to eat.

  1. Pack healthy tiffin for school

For kids who attend school, the lunch box is an exciting thing. You need to use this excitement and encourage them to eat healthy. Always pack healthy stuff and ensure that your child’s school also encourages kids to eat home-cooked healthy food. Eating healthy foods along with friends will also motivate your child.

  1. Don’t ban junk completely

Junk food is definitely a big No but you can’t cut it out completely. If you do so, your child may feel more tempted to eat unhealthy foods. Limit the quantity and number of times junk food is permissible. You can even use it as a form of a reward when your child does something good. But do that in moderation or else it will become a habit. As your child continues eating healthy, he will have a lesser yearning for junk food.

  1. Be the perfect role model

Last but not least, your child looks up to you and learns a lot from your behavior. If you want him to eat healthy then you also need to develop the practice. When your child sees you eating healthy, he will also follow suit. You have to be the ideal role model for him. Encourage others in the family also to adapt to healthy eating.

Encouraging healthy eating habits require a lot of effort, time & above all patience. You may have to try one approach at a time and see how it works for your child.

Get going with the strategy that works best in the interest of your child – just be consistent!

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