How to solve Box based Puzzles for IBPS, SSC, PO, Railway Exams :Episode-01

How to solve Box based Puzzles: 

If you are a competitive exam aspirant, you definitely share a strong relation with PUZZLES. Though they are quite tricky in nature if you are someone who believes in solving things that challenge your brain, this video is certainly the right fit for you.

hen solving puzzle-based questions, you must remember one thing that there are no shortcuts. There is no set formula revising which you can solve these questions. To ace puzzle-based questions, you need to have a strong conceptual understanding with lots and lots of practice.

Puzzles are asked in most of the competitive exams like IBPS, PO, SSC, Railway, and many others. And these are often categorized as:

  • Box Based Puzzle
  • Floor Based Puzzle
  • Day & Month Based Puzzle
  • Age-Based Puzzle
  • Classification Based Puzzle
  • Family-Based Puzzle
  • Comparison Based Puzzle
  • Seating Arrangement Based Puzzle

In this series, each episode will cover the puzzle type and help you with its conceptual understanding.

This video here highlights a box-based puzzle with suitable examples to help you get a better command over such question types.