How Your Favorite Pizza & Burger Could be Killing You Slowly

Blame it on the fast-paced life or the side effect of cross-cultural amalgamation, there has been a tremendous change in our lifestyle; especially eating habits.

Gone are the days when an Indian household kitchen was a storehouse of homemade delicacies that were not only filling but a healthier option too.

However, nowadays, we are more inclined towards easy to make or ready to eat food. The highly popular café culture has got us in the habit of eating more of burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and many other fast food products.

While they taste great and are quick to make, we can’t certainly vouch for their health quotient. No matter what type of a burger or pizza you eat, irrespective of whether it’s loaded with fresh veggies or greens; the fact is that fast food and packaged eatables are loaded with salt and fat.

As per a research conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), most of the packaged food products don’t mention the amount of salt on the food packet. The research carried out by the Pollution Monitoring Laboratory in 33 national and international food manufacturing companies in the country, from July to October 2019, revealed some shocking facts. They studied packaged foods like chips, instant noodles, instant soups and fast foods like pizzas, burgers, etc. as per which most of the packaged food products had hidden the salt content. There was no information about the amount of salt present in the food item on the packet.

As per RDA, an individual is supposed to have 5gm salt, 60gm fat, 2.2gm trans-fat and 300gm carbohydrate in a day. Any amount exceeding the prescribed limit is bound to cause health issues.

Sadly, most of the fast-food and packaged items that we eat tend to have the amount of salt and fat in far excess amount than what we are supposed to consume. This is the reason health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, hormonal problems among females and various other health problems have surfaced lately.

In fact, children and young adults are more prone to health problems as they’re more exposed to fast-food and packaged snacks.

The only way to ensure we take good care of our body is by altering the eating habits and looking for healthier choices rather than gorging on fast food.

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