IAS Topper’s Interview: Shejole Shruti Ramrao

The entire journey from a dentist towards IRS-IT today in CSE-2015 in 4th attempt has really taught me valuable lessons in life. The initial start only was fearful as clearing UPSC seemed a arduous task. But thankfully I always had support from family, extended family, and friends. The entire journey taught me to accept failures gracefully and most important to learn from each failure.
I was not able to clear prelims in 2012 attempt. In 2013 I gave mains but secured just 33 marks in essay. In the same year, I cleared the CAPF exam and secured AIR 53. It surely boosted my confidence that I can prove my mettle in CSE if I work hard and smartly. But in 2014 mains my negligence towards regional language Marathi led to my disaster of not clearing compulsory paper. The moment I got to know that I failed because of the regional language I was so determined that I need to prepare again paying due importance to each paper even compulsory papers and not getting affected by past failures. In 2015 attempt I was able to clear UPSC-CSE.
The important things which UPSC taught me are consistent perseverance towards the aim. It made me more informed citizen as well as it helped me to understand that it’s not only an exam of knowledge. It is an exam were your entire personality is tested as well as molded in the entire process. It helped me to value other people more and acknowledging the fact that there are many people who are more knowledgeable and worthy to be selected but just couldn’t because of varied reasons. The entire journey taught me not to treat the exam as the only aim in life. Life is much beyond it and UPSC is not the only medium to achieve it. Finally, it helped me to inculcate a sense of discipline maintaining a proper schedule for studies, physical exercise and leisure time. Hopefully, in the coming years, all the experience gained as an aspirant turns me into better human being.
(Text Source: Blogspot)