IAS Varun Baranwal : Son of Cycle Shop Owner made his own identity with strong determination and humbleness.

संघर्ष से सफलता की प्रेरणादायक कहानियाँ

This is the journey of a boy who lost his father at a young age and decided to stop his education. But the generosity of some people around him eventually led to his becoming an IAS officer.

Educational background:

Electronics and telecommunication engineering, MIT College in Pune.

His father was a cycle shop owner from Boisar in Thane. After his father’s death in 2006, the 15-year-old boy took it as a challenge to become an IAS officer one day.

He gives the credit of his success to parents saying, “My family and all those people who helped me are very happy for me. I am elated because I was able to fulfil my father’s dream. Though I feel sad that he is not alive to see his son become an IAS officer.”

VARUNKUMAR’s advice to UPSC aspirants:-

Students should be really on the self study mode more than anything else. They should read and prepare their own notes. This helps in revising the syllabus and improving one’s writing speed, which is important during the examination. It also improves the language. Important points should be highlighted in the notes so that they are easily found during revision. Aspirants should be in touch with successful candidates so that they know what to read and what not to read.

Barnwal said, “If my mom had not supported me, I would have been a cycle mechanic.” This was the 24-year-old Baranwal’s, who hails from Boisar in Palghar, first attempt at the exam. He said that he was happy to get what he wanted — the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). He had even worked in the shop for two years, prior to moving to Pune.

“We are two brothers and three sisters. Being the eldest son, I was expected to take care of my family after my father’s death. However, I had topped the school in Class X and it was decided that I would continue with my studies.” He later gave tuition to cover his expenses.

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