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IIT Hyderabad launches introductory Sanskrit certificate programme

Image Source: Me Next Magazine-Rajasthan Patrika (08-Oct-2022)

IIT Hyderabad launches Sanskrit certificate programme: Under the guidance of Central Sanskrit University (CSU), New Delhi, a Non-Formal Sanskrit Education Center (NFSE) is established at IIT Hyderabad (IITH). This centre is hosting an introductory Sanskrit course on the IITH campus, and everyone (students, faculty, staff, family of faculty/staff, and even people outside IITH) are allowed to join.

The above course is called the Prathama-diksha by CSU and is the prerequisite for the dvitiya-diksha (a diploma course). This certificate course at IITH will focus on a graded learning method, with flexibility where the students can decide their pace and joining. There are absolutely no prerequisites for joining this course, a press note from IIT Hyderabad informed.

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