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IIT Roorkee alumni launches unique funding initiative for the students

Chetna is an initiative of the Prama Jyoti Foundation (PJF) which was started in 2009 with the sole mission of Spreading Goodness and inspiring everyone to embrace Goodness in life. I believe that without goodness there is no Happiness, yet we have created a society that aspires for and appreciates success more and more. And people do what they get appreciated for. So huge majority is after success and it’s only very few who have chosen goodness as their way of life. Chetna is an outstanding effort to change these dynamics by discovering, appreciating and supporting goodness so that more and more people are inspired to choose goodness. I believe that genesis of all problems in the world is shrinking of goodness and therefore through Chetna, we want to solve this problem by spreading goodness. For a moment, imagine a world full of goodness. Do you think anyone will die of hunger in such a world? Or would anyone die on the roadside while others are moving as usual? Or will there be rapes and murders? The answer is NO as long as we multiply goodness in the world by appreciating and supporting Goodness more and more.

Keeping the above thought in mind, we showcase every week, a new story of someone who has chosen a life of goodness and we recognize such a person as “Chetna Hero”.We would like you to appreciate goodness by sharing the stories of Chetna Heroes with your friends and family. You can also volunteer to contribute your time for goodness and also donate for the cause that is closer to your heart. We shall make sure that your contribution helps in spreading goodness even more!. You can also share stories of goodness around you or your own acts of goodness here on this website for appreciation and inspiring others to follow. Remember every single act of goodness goes a long way in making this world more beautiful!

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