कारगिल में पैर खोया आज मैराथन धावक हूँ

indian blade runner major d p singh inspirational story

Major D.P. Singh is a retired officer of the Indian Army. He is a Kargil War veteran and is known as the India’s first blade runner. After his amputation, he gradually started running using a prosthetic limb and has run in 18 marathons in his running career. The Limca Book of Records added his name to their “People of the Year 2016” list.

Major D.P. Singh was injured on 15 July 1999 at LOC in Akhnoor sector while fighting for India during the Kargil War.

He was 80 meters from a Pakistani Army post when a mortar fell within 1.5 metre of where he was; the shrapnel injured multiple parts of his body. A part of his right leg was amputated as it had developed gangrene

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