Source: Amar Ujala (21-July-2017)

Indian village gets electricity for the first time, thanks to this UK student

Clementine is co-founder and chief technology officer at Oorja, where she is responsible for mini-grid design, installation and construction and technical partnership building. She gained her expertise in cost-effective technologies to harness the power of biomass at Imperial College London where she is presently completing a PhD, and holds a first class Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Clementine’s passion lies in using locally available renewable resources as a catalyst to bring about lasting socioeconomic and environmental change.

Oorja’s biomass and solar-powered microgrids provide affordable and reliable electricity to off-grid communities in rural India.

Oorja’s mission is to provide clean energy access to the 450 million people without access to reliable electricity in rural India whilst promoting sustainable local economic development. Know more at

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