India’s best football academies to turn your passion into a career

India's best football academies to turn your passion into a career

Football Academies

Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools

Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools (BBFS) runs under the philosophy that no talented Indian kid should be deprived of the best football coaching facilities in the country due to want of money. We are an all-inclusive venture and offers special schemes for worthy candidates from economically vulnerable backgrounds, personally screened by the BBFS team. As much as 30% of the enrolled students at BBFS are targeted to be from the underprivileged section of the society. Needy and talented children from various age groups are offered scholarships of upto 100% so they get an opportunity to get the best out of their talent. We engage closely with our young players to guide them through the path of becoming a senior pro. We encourage all parents to interact closely with our coaches so that we can together form the best support system for our kids. Through our network and technical expertise, we also provide our students opportunities to appear for selection trials with top clubs in the country and abroad.

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Tata Football Academy

The Academy not only provides intensive training but also all-round developmental opportunities with facilities for formal education and vocational training. The fully residential programme includes special features such as boarding and lodging,  monthly stipend, playing kits, summer and winter clothing, ceremonial kits, comprehensive medical care, education, a group insurance scheme and other benefits. Equipped to match international standards, the Academy, built on 25000 sq. ft. amidst green surroundings, accommodates 40 trainees. The institute-cum-residential complex rests in a spacious area in the heart of the city. The aim: to provide an ideal ambience for promising footballers to develop their potential to the fullest.

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Mumbai Regional Academy

The year 1902 saw the formation of the Bombay Football Association to run a League Tournament. Seven teams, viz., Oxford Ltd., R.A., Bombay Rovers, Bombay Gymkhana, Telegraphs, Bombay Volunteers Artillery and H.M.S. Magdala participated in it and Oxfords became the Champions and Gunners, the runner-up. The Cup was donated by Col. Harwood, the President of the Association. Thus the League was later named after him. But this Trophy was misplaced. The present one, “the Advocate of India Cup” was presented by Mr. Gordon, proprietor of this evening paper in 1913.

In 1950 a new team arose on the horizon the Hyderabad Police-who made a triumphal march through the Rovers for five consecutive years. No team in the long history of this tournament has succeeded in winning the trophy for more than three years in succession. In fact the Cheshires and the Middlesex Regiments were the only two who had captured it thrice before. The Hyderabadis have actually added more feathers to their caps by gaining the laurels on two more occasions. This is an achievement for which any team may be justly proud.

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Premier Indian Football Academy

Premier Indian Football Academy(PIFA) Sports is a Private Limited,  is the first football academy registered as a company in India. it has been successfully churning out players that play for the state, country and abroad. It is a 2 star AIFF accredited academy.

Other than the regular training, PIFA has developed the following properties:

  • PIFA (Colaba) FC (Professional football teams playing AIFF  I league & various MDFA divisions)
  • PFL – Premier Football League (Weekend League Tournament for children)
  • Football Carnival (Exposition of football related products)
  • PIFA Champions Tour (Camps to Europe)
  • PIFA International Camps (Camps in India with European coaches)
  • PIFA Summer Camps
  • PIFA Way (Coach Education)

Premier India Football Academy (PIFA) believes that the road to the World Cup starts with our children. PIFA has tied up with best youth football academies in the world for technical know-how.

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