20 की उम्र में साइकिल से नापी दुनिया

India's Vedangi Kulkarni becomes the fastest Asian to cycle the globe

British adventurer Jenny Graham, 38, is the fastest woman to have cycled the globe in 124 days in 2018, which was three weeks faster than the previous record.

When the young girl from Pune, Vedangi Kulkarni reached Kolkata on Sunday morning, the 20-year-old became the fastest Asian woman to cycle around the globe. The girl had covered 29,000 kms in 159 days, covering 300 km daily. The trip began from Perth in Australia in June.The certificate confirming her status as the “fastest woman in Asia to cycle across the globe” will come within five to six months, said an official from National Sports Club of India. “It is a moment of proud and joy for us. The young girl became the first Asian to achieve such a success. We will surely contact with the Sports ministry to felicitate her,” said the official.

Just months before her trip, Vedangi in an interview with said the idea behind her ‘unsupported solo trip’ was her desire to see the world alone and to communicate with people. It was a solo ride on the Manali-Drass route in 2016 that got her hooked to long distance cycling.“At Bournemouth University, I started solo cycling, but faced lots of difficulties,” the 20-year-old said, adding how she even had to sleep alone on the streets of London after an accident.

                                                             (Text Source:The Indian Express)