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Injured wrestler’s plight moves noted doctor as he makes final appeal for help

Impoverished 22-yr-old sportsman from Sangli was at the charity commissionerate on Thursday, asking for aid in treatment to continue his career — fortunately, Dr. KH Sancheti happened to be in the same room, bundled him into his car and drove straight to his hospital In a rare stroke of luck, an unexpected meeting with a healthcare heavyweight has ensured a fighting for a young wrestler to emerge from his knee injury and embrace his winning streak once more.
International-level Graeco-Roman (classic) wrestler Bapu Vasant Kolekar, a 22-year-old resident of Sangli, happened to be in the city on Thursday morning to make a last-ditch effort to treat a condition that had plagued him since the beginning of this year. At the charity commissionerate to make an appeal for help Kolekar’s heartfelt speech managed to stir just the right person to take up his cause— Padma Vibhushan awardee and Sancheti Hospital founder Dr. KH Sancheti, who happened to be seated nearby, having come to the facility for some work of his own.

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