An Interview with Ashish Kumar, Ph.D. (From IIT Delhi) CEO of Zunum Aero (A Company Working on Hybrid Aircrafts).

An Interview with Ashish Kumar, Ph.D.
Ashish Kumar is CEO of Zunum Aero. Inspired by the disruptive power of electric aircraft, he founded Zunum Aero following a long record of commercial leadership across Microsoft, Google, Dell, and McKinsey. His startup experience includes helping launch Aeroxchange, now the largest electronic marketplace for the aviation industry. Ashish has a B.Tech. from IIT Delhi, and a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University, and spent his early career as Professor of Engineering at Brown University, and as research fellow at Sandia National Laboratories. Whether hiking or sailing, he is excited to combine his love for the outdoors with his work on sustainable flight.
Zunum Aero, founded by Ashish Kumar three years ago in Kirkland, Washington is working to develop a an electric aircraft with potential for performance and efficiency improvements in a range of aerospace applications.

Fast, affordable and everywhere

What if you could get to places much faster than you can today? What if flying cost a lot less than it does today? If thousands of communities were connected by air service? What if aircraft were quieter, with far lower emissions.

Indian-origin’s startup Zunum Aero’s electric passenger plane hopes to offer fast and affordable travel