An Interview With : Civil Services Topper (RANK-1) Sneha Aggarwal

Interaction with Sneha Aggarwal (Haryana) UPSC Topper

Shena Aggarwal had topped the prestigious civil services exam. It was her dream from her school days to appear for the IAS exam. In her school days and even in college she was not very serious about it but had a desire to be an IAS officer. All of sudden she became serious about her this dream when she was in the last year of her college while doing an internship in the rural India. At that time, she was 25 years old. She was an MBBS doctor from the India’s top ranking hospital AIIMS.

While doing an internship in the countryside at that time she came to know how difficult is the life of those people. They don’t even have basic facilities education and good health care.He thought over those problems and understood that this problem can only be solved by an administrative officer. Then she thought of clearing the civil exam so that she can have a wider action.

Talking about her exam preparation, she said that her first was just a trail match. She made her first attempt in the year 2009. The next year she made a second attempt while working as the junior doctor at AIIMS. She cleared in her second attempt and got appointed for the Internal Revenue Service, but still she had not hit bull’s eye. In her third attempt with more hard work, she finally won a jackpot. She said that she had full confidence that she will be able to clear the exam, but she never predicted that along with becoming the IAS officer she will also top the exam.It was not a small achievement for her.In 2011 around 2 lakhs of student appeared for the preliminary exam, among those only 12,000 was able to appear for mains and from them also only 2,400 students made it to the finale i.e personality interview.

Shena has been a topper from her school days. Whatever she does, she does it to the level of excellence.She has obtained media attention even in the year 2004 when she had topped CBSE’s Pre -Medical Test and held the 19th rank for the AIIMS admission test.Her family members were happy by her success but not surprised it was not for the first time that she had achieved something great.

Her achievement is so remarkable because she belong from a small town of Haryana, a place which is known as not to be so favourable for the female.
She is a great example for those who make discrimination between the boy child and a girl child.Sneha has that even girls can achieve that same what boys can achieve. Girls should be provided with equal facilities and given equal chance for development.

She was lucky to be born in a family who treat boy and girl with the same view. Her parents always supported her in all her work.Whenever she used to lose hope her mother used to always build up her faith. Her younger brother is greatly inspired by her. Her brother Shivin wants to appear for IAS exam after he completes his engineering from BITS Pilani.

She was groomed to be an IAS officer in the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. She left her IRS training midway. She said that she wanted to be approachable to all and coveted to understand the problems of everyone.
On discussing her experience as a doctor, Shena planned to start-up with education, preventive healthcare and sanitation programmes for the people in village especially for women, who are usually dominated.
Her maternal uncle S.K. Goel who was an IPS officer was like a role model for her. She also follows the Former President Late APJ Abdul Kalam.
When she spoke to other women officers she came to know that being a women IAS officer this job is more challenging. Although time is changing and there is development all around but she will constantly have to prove herself.Her enthusiasm to join the officer was clearly seen in her smile and in her eyes, she could hardly wait to start off with her work, she said.