108 साल के हैं 100 मी. दौड़ के ‘गोल्डन बोल्ट’

 Japan's 105-year-old Golden Bolt beats his own world sprint record

Hidekichi Miyazaki  was a Japanese centenarian masters athlete, affectionally nicknamed Golden Bolt, a name play on Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. He was a former official holder of the world record in the M100 100 metres. On September 23, 2015, the day after his 105th birthday, he became the second person to compete in the 105 year age division following Pole Stanisław Kowalski who competed earlier in the year on June 28.He died on January 23, 2019, from a cerebral haemorrhage at the age of 108.

The event held in Kyoto was held in commemoration of “Respect for the Aged Day (held every September 15), with official timing and a field of younger competitors in their eighties, Miyazaki completed the race in 42.22, slower than the 34.50 recorded by Kowalski. Miyazaki only took up the sport in his nineties. “I’m still a beginner, you know. I’ll have to train harder. Training was going splendidly, so I had set myself a target of 35 seconds. I can still go faster.” Following his race he posed in the Lightning Bolt stance, made famous by Usain Bolt. “I will say this: I’m proud of my health. The doctors gave me a medical examination a couple of days ago and I’m fit as a fiddle. My brain might not be the sharpest but physically I’m tip-top. I’ve never had any health problems. The doctors are amazed by me. I can definitely keep on running for another two or three years. It’s all about willpower. You have to keep going”.

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