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Job Nukkad: This Startup Is Disrupting The Unorganised Blue Collar Jobs Market

JobNukkad is solving the problem associated with entry level and blue collar hiring. We are organising a highly fragmented industry where job-seekers have to pay money to placement agencies without any assurance of job. We are creating a digital identity for job-seekers who have so far depended on traditional ways of job search, thus giving them an opportunity to find the best suitable job for them.

For clients/employers:

We are using a mix of online and offline methods. While JobNukkad is an online portal where candidates can register themselves and search for jobs on our website and Android App, for our clients, we provide full-fledged placement agency services and do not just provide database of candidates.

JobNukkad is a market place for placement agencies and freelancers

JobNukkad gets client requirements and shares the same with multiple consultant partners registered on its platform. Consultant partners source relevant candidates, which are screened by the JobNukkad’s screening team.

Clients stand to benefit as they get candidates from multiple sources while having to deal with only one vendor i.e. JobNukkad. Recruitment agencies/freelancers stand to benefit as they can get clients without spending efforts on Business Development and can focus on what they are best at i.e. sourcing candidates.

Similarly, JobNukkad is a market place for training institutes and is helping training institutes to place their trained students in respected corporates.

We are currently operational in Mumbai-Thane region.