कर्म फैलोशिप 2022-23

KARM Fellowship 2022-23

Image Source: Dainik Bhaskar (02-Nov-2022)

KARM Fellowship 2022-23 :

KARM Fellowship 2022 is an opportunity offered by KARM Trust (a registered public charitable trust) to provide financial assistance to girl students studying in Class 12. The main aim of this fellowship is to provide financial aid/scholarship funds for their undergraduate studies and connect each fellow to mentors, career counsellors and experts to ensure a wholesome learning experience, thereby enabling brighter professional futures. The selected candidates will receive complete course fees, exam fees, and other benefits.


To be eligible, an applicant must –

  • be a girl student studying in Class 12
  • have an annual family income of INR 5 lakh per annum
  • have basic proficiency in English and the use of technology

Benefits :

The selected candidates will receive the following benefits –

  • Financial support/scholarship that covers college and exam fees, rent for out stationed girls, laptop, dongle, conveyance and books & stationery allowance
  • Mentorship to each fellow through personalized sessions and guidance through the duration of the fellowship
  • Life Skill training to enable skill building and positive attitudes
  • Internships to ensure an informed view of the World of Work
  • Fifty hours of Community Service for the duration of the fellowship
  • A comprehensive English curriculum that runs through the three years focussed on writing and speaking better

Deadline: 01-Dec-2022

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