M.Sc. in Wild Life Sciences from Wildlife Institute of India

M.Sc. in Wild Life Sciences from Wildlife Institute of India


Course: M.Sc. in Wild Life Sciences

Institute / University: Wildlife Institute of India (WII)

About Institute

Wildlife Institute of India (WII) at Dehradun in  1982 with a mandate to train government and non-government personnel, carry out research, and advise on matters of conservation and management of wildlife resources.

For WII, it was a challenging task, particularly when education in forest management had nothing on wildlife, and wildlife science itself had not yet been established as a subject of any significance in the university education curriculum. With no precedence to go by, WII had to virtually single handedly not only give forest education a wildlife slant but also create and develop the very resources with which it could go about fulfilling its tasks. WII’s programmes are field based and seek an integration of biological, socio-economic and human aspects of large regional landscapes. As a result, wildlife conservation today means not just providing protection mainly to a few splendid species but that it be holistic and have considerations for humans living in the vicinity as well.


M.Sc. in Wild Life Sciences

The M.Sc. course in Wildlife Science has been developed to impart training in the field of wildlife science and to further the cause of wildlife conservation in India and elsewhere. For several years, there has been a demand for increased research and monitoring of the wildlife populations and their habitats all over the country. The threat of species extinction is constantly increasing and the ways to mitigate them requires a scientific approach. The management plans for Protected Areas in India require a strong scientific basis for their successful implementation. Further, management practices, wildlife habitat and species populations need constant monitoring if conservation efforts are to be effective. All this require trained personnel. This course aims to create trained wildlife biologists who will effectively tackle these issues and challenges.

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