अनुवाद कर आत्मनिर्भरता हासिल कर सकती हैं महिलाएं

Madhu Sundaramurthy - MD of Summa Linguae Technologies

Today we can read books that were originally written in languages ​​we do not know. We can spend Sunday afternoon watching Harry Potter series movies at eBioPic, Tamil, German or Japanese.Also, while shopping online, we can read the description of a product in the language of our choice. Madhu Sundaramurthy, MD, House Entrepreneur and Summa Lingua Technologies, explains the easy way for women to become self-reliant.What do you think? Which is all possible due to this? They are translators, not anyone else. Translators are multilingual experts who know the magic of converting content of one language into another language. But the hidden magical aspect of the translation is that it also provides financial self-sufficiency for domestic women.70% of translators around the world are freelancers. More than 60 percent of freelancers are women. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), by the year 2026, interpreter and translator jobs will grow at a faster rate of 18%.

If you are fluent in more than one language (Indian or foreign) and have a language degree, then you have already taken a step towards becoming a freelancer. You can further improve your skills online. You can also test your skills by working on a small project.If you specialize in a particular subject (Engineering, Art etc.) and are fluent in two or more languages, you can also become a subject matter expert offering editing and proof-reading services.Mobile technology and the internet boom have made it easier for domestic women to join this group of professionals. You can start the translation work just from your phone.If you have a laptop and internet, you can also make this passion a profession. Usually, people working from home translation work for 5-6 hours daily. Beginning with 1000 words per day. Experienced translators translate up to 2500 words in a day.

If you want to become a translator, then definitely register yourself on websites like Prose, Translators Cafe and Upwork. Work opportunities can be found from platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.According to honey Initially 5 to 10 thousand rupees can be earned through translation. Experienced translators earn a few thousand rupees a day and a few hundred rupees in a few hours.If you want to get ahead in this profession, then investing in CAT tool, subtitled software can be a good decision. You can also adopt other language services such as Interpretation Service, Speech Data Collection.

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