आपके नियम बड़े वर्ग को ठेस पहुंचाने वाले नहीं होने चाहिए

Management Funda: Your Rules Should Not Hurt Big Sectors

Amid rising Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra, the Nashik district administration has now issued new restrictions to limit people from visiting the markets unnecessarily. The people in Nashik will now have to pay ₹5 per person for an hour every time they visit any market in the city. The new restrictions have been issued by the Nashik Superintendent of Police Deepak Pandey in an attempt to save the city from entering lockdown. “We’re using a different approach to contain COVID-19 spread in Nashik. We are issuing a ticket of ₹5 per person to enter the market area for an hour. It’s an attempt to save the city from entering lockdown,” Deepak Pandey, Commissioner of Police, Nashik City said.

Many people described this move as ridicules. “People visiting markets often bargain for a little. Here the police have decided to simply collect Rs. 5 from every customer. If they want, they can control crowed even without taking this money.” said Neeta Ajbe, a resident of Nashik.

Text Source: TOI

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