यदि आप मेडिकल स्टूडेंट हैं तो आपको इन स्कॉलरशिप्स की जानकारी होनी चाहिए

Medical Scholarships for Medical Students

Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship

Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for College and University Students is a centrally-funded merit-cum-means scholarship initiated by the Department of Higher Education of MHRD. Started with the objective to financially assist students of economically underprivileged families, Central Sector Scholarship scheme is disbursed among a total of 82,000 graduate/postgraduate students every year. This scholarship is given in equal proportion to boys and girls, i.e., 41,000 of the total number of scholarships are reserved for boys and the other 41,000 are for girl candidates. The selected students receive an annual scholarship amount of up to INR 20,000 so that they could meet their day-to-day expenses while pursuing higher studies.

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Combined Counselling Board Scholarship

Combined Council Board reserves 10%-20% seats in different course and branches of leading institutes of India and offers them to meritorious children who are financially challenged. The motive of the scholarship and welfare scheme is to help talented and intelligent minds to pursue their education without any stress.

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BHEL-FAEA Scholarships

The objective of the Scholarship Program of FAEA is to secure social justice for students belonging to socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the society. It emphasizes the equality of opportunity to help students become what they would like to be so that they have a choice and are not dictated by economic and social necessity. It enables economically and socially disadvantaged students to study in the institutions, which provide academic excellence, access to structures of power and economic opportunity. For this, the Program will provide bursaries, scholarships, and fellowships to these students for their study. It will also supplement this with the creation of an institutional framework in which concerns for the disadvantaged are addressed.

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Vahani Scholarship

To create an India where the most gifted children flourish, regardless of their socioeconomic status, race or gender. Marshaling gifted underserved students and committed educational philanthropists, we will enable such an ideal to manifest. Our mission is to facilitate education to 20 children per year from India by funding and training them to attend the top universities across India. We hope to bring about a change in their home communities and seek to build a network in every state in India.
We believe in a holistic approach by mentoring these exceptional children so that their talent is harnessed to become future leaders in the public, private, non-profit sectors and in their home communities.

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All India Pre-Medical Scholarship Test (Primary)

Brainztorm Technical Excellence Pvt. Ltd is the education consulting firm which is regulating All India Pre-Medical Scholarship Test (Primary) 2019. Students wishing to pursue B.Pharma, B.Sc., Bio-Tech, B.Sc. Nursing and Paramedical courses can apply for AIPMST (Primary) scholarship examination. The purpose of this scheme is to encourage the deserving and talented students of economically poor background to pursue medical courses. Through AIPMST (Primary), students will get an opportunity to get admission as well as a scholarship for pursuing medical courses in more than 270 participating institutes of AIPMST (Primary).

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