दिव्यांगों के पुनर्वास के लिए घाटी बसा दी

Meet a man who created a 'Valley For the Disabled' in Tamil Nadu.

S. Ramakrishnan (born 6 May 1954) is the founder president of Amar Seva Sangam, Ayikudi, Tamil Nadu, India. He is known for his contributions to the field of rehabilitation for persons with disabilities.

Amar Seva Sangam

In 1981, Ramakrishnan started a school for children with disabilities at Ayikudi. The institute was registered as Amar Seva Sangam and was situated in a small piece of land donated by Ramakrishnan’s parents. Sankara Raman, an auditor, who has muscular dystrophy, joined the Sangam in 1992. He is the honorary secretary of the Sangam. It started with a handful of children and involved in a few activities related to polio prevention and rehabilitation, and is now spread over 30 acres of land and houses diverse activities including:

  • Daycare center for children with cerebral palsy and mental retardation
  • Siva Saraswathi Vidyala, an integrated high school named after the parents of Ramakrishnan
  • Rehabilitation center for persons with physical disabilities
  • Vocational training center
  • Special study center for Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • Hostel for trainees
  • Early Intervention Centre for the toddlers between 0-5 years
  • Medical Testing Unit

Schooling for children with disabilities and vocational training for persons with disabilities are being provided free of cost. read more