Meet a visually impaired entrepreneur (Losing Sight not Vision)

Bhavesh Bhatia


Bhavesh Chandubhai Bhatia is the founder of Sunrise Candle Industries, a Maharashtra-based company that makes and distributes over 9000 different types of candles. What makes his success so inspirational is the fact that Bhavesh cannot see. After losing his eyesight in 2003, he took a rehabilitation course for blind people, learning things like incense and candle-making. Since then, this visually challenged entrepreneur has been bringing light into other peoples’ lives.Today Sunrise Candle Industries employs over 200 people, many of them visually-impaired or disabled themselves.  Regarded as a hero in his community, Bhavesh has won a number of awards for his work as an entrepreneur as well as for his involvement in charitable causes aiming to improve the lives of differently-abled people.Aside from his work, Bhavesh is also a keen athlete, having won numerous medals in various events at the National Paralympic Games over the last couple of years. He is currently involved in a project to build the largest candle in the world, and plans to compete in The Paralympics Games in Brazil, 2016.Achievements of Sunrise candles (

1. Received a National Award from President Mr Pranab Mukherjee in December 2016 for Best Employer of people with disabilities award.

2. Won an award from Nipman Foundation for providing equal opportunities to people with disabilities on 19th Nov 2016 . Awarded by Minister Jay Panda

3. Received a National Award from President Mr Pranab Mukherjee on 2nd December 2014 for Best Self Employed Blind Person .

4. Won three gold medals at the National Paralympic games in New Delhi in December 2014. He played shot put,  discus throw and javelin throw.

5. 2008 to 2011, 4 years continuous district champion for Shotput, Discuss throw, Javelin throw and Swimming.

6. 24, 25, 26 December 2010 Nasik, got gold medal in shot put and discuss throw and silver medal in javelin throw in Maharashtra state paralympic event.

7. 2012 Maharashtra state paralympic on 5,6,7,8 January in Yavatmal, got gold medal in shot put and discuss throw and silver medal for javelin throw.

8. 2012 National Paralympic held at Banglore got gold medal for shot put and silver medal for discuss throw.

Other achievements

1. Working committee member in NAB India, Executive Committee Member of NAB unit Maharashtra, Director of NAB Satara District and Blind representative of Samaj Kalyan Samiti for Satara District.

2. 2006-Asavadi trophy from Rotary club.

3. 2007-Indumati Parikh Apang Sahay Kendra Sangli, Zidd Puraskar.

4. 2008-Best Blind Self Employment award from Mukesh Ambani.

5.  2008-Award from Anam prem.

6.  2009-Piloo D Khambatta award for best blind entrepreneur from NAB India.

7. 2010-Best handicraft award from Manohar Joshi and Shivsena.

8. 2011-Award from Ashok Chauhan(C.M)and Uday Raje Bhosale, Member of Parliament.

Now 85 blind people are working with Sunrise Candles.
We are making 9000 different types of candles.

Exhibition at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai held on 13 th and 14 th December 2007 . Shri Mukesh Ambani and Smt Nita Ambani personally came to visit the stall . Also seen is Bhavesh giving a gift to Mrs Nita Ambani leave a message for Bhavesh Bhatia.

All India Samasth Bhatia Federation honouring Bhavesh organised by APANG SEVA KENDRA by Shri Kishore Bhai Sampat ZID PURASHKAR ‘ received from Mrs Indumati Parikh SANGLI , MAHARASHTRA

Dr Indu Shahani, Sheriff of Mumbai presents the 14th Mrs Piloo D Khambatta Memorial Award to Bhavesh C Bhatia in the best self-employed blind entrepreneur category, organized by National Association for the Blind

Received from Shiv Sena’s Apang Sahay Sansthan for Best Handicraft. The Award was given by our Ex- Chief Minister Shri Manohar Joshi on 2/ 12 / 2007 leave a message for Bhavesh Bhatia