पाकिस्तान में यह शख्स कहलाता है ‘भारत का जेम्स बॉण्ड’

Meet Ajit Doval, India's real-life James Bond


Ajit Kumar Doval, IPS (Retd), PM, PPM, KC (born 20 January 1945) is a former Indian intelligence and law enforcement officer, who, since 30 May 2014, is the 5th and current National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of India.He had previously served as the Director of the Intelligence Bureau in 2004–05, after spending a decade as the head of its operation wing.

He is widely credited for the doctrinal shift in Indian national security policy in relation to Pakistan. Switching from ‘Defensive’ to ‘Defensive Offensive’ as well as the ‘Double Squeeze Strategy. It is speculated that the September 2016 Indian surgical strikes in Pakistan were his brain child, which were extremely effective in neutralizing targets hostile to India.In October 2018, he was appointed as the Chairman of the Strategic Policy Group (SPG), which is the first tier of a three tier structure at he National Security Council and forms the nucleus of its decision-making apparatus

Awards and recognitions

  • Doval was the youngest police officer ever to get the Police Medal for meritorious service. He got it after six years in the police (the norm is at least 17 years’ service).
  • He was later awarded the President’s Police Medal.
  • In 1988, Doval was awarded one of the highest gallantry awards, the Kirti Chakra, becoming the first police officer to receive a medal previously given only as a military honour.

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