Meet Dr. Anchal Gupta, who is bringing light to the lives of the poor

Meet Dr Anchal Gupta, who is bringing light to the lives of the poor

Netram eye foundation is a society registered under the Societies Act 1860 since 2013. Four years might sound meager to the masses, but in this small time Netram eye foundation boasts more than 150 medical camps, most of them organized with prestigious organizations viz Lupin, IGL, Indian Oil, Virgo, Delhi Police, NPCB etc over 10,000 patients screened for free, and we are the authorized NGO by Delhi Govt for screening camps in slums, blind homes, and govt schools.

Working selflessly, righteously, dedicated & committed to unburden the sufferings of mankind, irrespective of the social and financial status is the essence of Netram Eye Foundation.

With dreams in her eyes and fire in her soul Dr Anchal Gupta, a young energetic ophthalmologist had laid the foundation of Netram, when she soon realized the corporate jobs don’t befit her idea of medicine and her quality medical education from country’s top-notch institutes should not be limited to the ones with hefty pockets.

Netram Eye Foundation runs a state of art eye center with fully equipped amenities for any eye-related disease. To serve masses, Netram has established six peripheral centers where free opds are held and patients are shifted to base hospital for any surgical intervention.

Netram conducts free opd at main centre twice a week.

Dr. Anchal Gupta, founder Netram eye foundation, is the advisor to Directorate general health services, Govt of Delhi NCT for their flagship program mobile eye and ent clinic, because of her vast experience in mthe obile eye clinic.

We are under process to provide annual health check-up and health record tracking for construction site works of Gurgaon in association with the ministry of labour.  click here for more details