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Meet Dr.Uddhab Bharali,A serial innovator from Assam

Dr. Uddhab Bharali, is an Indian inventor from Lakhimpur district, Assam. Bharali has about 118 innovations to his credit, starting from the late 1980s.In 1988, when his family was in debt, he decided to start a Polythene covers making business catering to Tea Estates in Assam. Instead of spending about ₹1 lakh (US$1,400) on buying a machine, he designed his own machine for about ₹67,000 (US$930). Bharali, then determined to continue building machines, rather than buying them.

Bharali’s family was under heavy-debts and Uddhab was always under pressure from Banks towards repayment. His brother died in 1995, after which he was the sole earning member in his family, and he started earning money by his innovations, focused to solve issues around Lakhimpur district with Agriculture and small-scale industries being his targets.Focusing on agricultural output, Bharali went on to build a variety of peeler machines to peel Betel Nut, Cassava, Garlic, Jatropha and Safed Musli, and also re-designed Assamese paddy grinder, that could be operated by only turning a wheel. He also invented Bamboo Processing Machine to cut-polish-surface finish long Bamboos, cutters for and green tea leaves, etc. The best part of all these are being they were indigenous, low-cost and could be operated by single-person. His last facet is expected to be life-saver in coming years for disabled people around Lakhimpur.Bharali focused his sight on de-seeding Pomegranate. Using Centrifugal force, hammer within a spinning cylinder, he built a low cost machine that could de-seed pomegranates. Through continuous enhancements, Machine would be de-seeding 55 kg of pomegranate under an hour.Bharali struggled from 1989-2005, with little support from Banks and Government. He cites this struggle and lack of support having forced him to take entrepreneurship.

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