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Meet Jasper: A Hyderabadi Man giving second life to the destitute

The verse from The Holy Bible infers that The Lord has his own plans for us and that we must submit to him. He gives us as many chances as he could to make us realize this. It is very unlikely for a 19-year-old to make sense of this message. And so, Jasper Paul, a resident of Hyderabad who was a student of engineering back in 2014 was also unaware of this revelation. Jasper was a reckless teen who loved music and driving and thought of himself to be no less than Michael Schumacher. After getting a license at the age of 18, Jasper used to drive on the busy roads of the city in a way as if he could talk to the wind. One unfortunate day, it was raining and a tree came on the way which Jasper didn’t spot earlier. As he pushed the brakes, his tyres skid and his car somersaulted and fell 50 feet off the road. By God’s grace, he miraculously escaped the accident without a scratch. This very narrow escape was his moment of realization. He counted his blessings and became determined to do something more meaningful with life.

Two months later Jasper saw a destitute woman near the railway station. She had many injuries which were covered in maggots and ants. While the passerby chose to take no action, Jasper came to her rescue and admitted her into a hospital. The video of Jasper’s kind action went viral and her children came to take her back home. “It was then that I realized that there is nothing else that I’d want to do in life than this”, said Jasper Paul. He saw the plight of the abandoned and the ones who despite their vulnerable age were left on the roads to suffer and made up his mind to come to their aid. Initially, he joined several NGOs that were present in the city but realized that most of the work was done with the intent to gain publicity. This was not what he wanted and so in the year 2017, Jasper started his own NGO, The Second Chance.

Today, Jasper, a BTech graduate, runs four shelter homes for the destitute in the city, housing around 130 people, with 12 staffers working with him.“Our services are coordinated with the city police. It’s mostly the cops who give us a call whenever they spot a sick person on the street. We then go to the location, check their vitals, and bring them to our home. If the person needs serious medical help, we admit them to the nearest hospital. Doctors and paramedics visit our home on a regular basis for free,” Jasper informed.The NGO also maintains a record and photographs of the rescued people in the nearest police stations.

“Our NGO has been maintaining a complete database with the city police bureau of the people rescued. This has helped a lot of people who approach cops with missing complaints to easily identify their kin,” Jasper added. The Second Chance gets a lot of calls from strangers as well to rescue people. In such scenarios, he has to first authenticate the case before his team swings into action. “We sometimes get calls from people to rescue their own family members but we don’t encourage it. We rescue men above 20 years of age and women over 50 (because he doesn’t have the license to take in younger women).” There have also been instances when people contact Jasper in search of their missing relatives, and many of them have been happily reunited with their families.

“Second Chance was getting featured in a magazine and for the cover picture, I was clicked sitting alongside an elderly woman from our shelter home. After the story got published, I got a call from a woman inquiring about the lady in the photograph. It turned out that she was her mother and her family was frantically searching for her for a couple of months,” Jasper mentioned.
During the course of his work, 26-year-old Jasper has seen several deaths and performed their last rites as per their respective religion.

Text Source: Life Beyond Numbers

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