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Meet Kriti Bharti, who has annulled 32 child marriages and stopped nearly 1000

About Saarthi Trust

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Saarthi Trust is a Non-Profit Organization. Saarthi was founded by the Founder and Managing Trustee (Rehabilitation Psychologist) Ms. Kriti Bharti in 2011. Saarthi Trust is registered under Devsthan Vibhag of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Saarthi Trust was established with the dream of rehabilitation of vulnerable to the extent. Saarthi Trust is working on the establishment of Child Rights, Women Rights, Child Marriage Annulment, Child Protection and Women Protection with their Development and Rehabilitation issues.

Fortunately, in the few month of establishing, Saarthi Trust has made history by annulling the first ever child marriage in India. Saarthi Trust is the first organization in India who has annulled the First Child Marriage in India in 2012. This deed is also recognized by Limca Book of Records and included in the syllabus of 11th standard of CBSE Board. Recently Saarthi Trust entered in World Records India for annulling 2 Child marriages of minor pairs in a same day and just within 3 days of court proceedings. Despite of many obstacles Saarthi Trust has successfully annulled 30 child marriages. Child Marriage Annulment is the exclusive work of Saarthi Trust in India. Also we had stopped more than 900 child marriages till date. In our continuous journey of rehabilitation we had rehabilitated more than 6000 children and around 5500 women to the extent.

Along with this, we are also known to work in slums and jails to provide education, skill-trainings and behaviour modification. We are also connecting the minority and other vulnerable women and children to the Government schemes for their proper empowerment. We are also strengthening the allied system by various trainings and orientation programmes for the proper implementation of Laws and Policies and changing of mindsets for the malpractices.

Saarthi Trust has received National and International Awards, Recognition and praise for the work for Child Marriage Annulment and other root level work for child welfare and women empowerment with their protection. National and International media has also praised the work of Saarthi by publishing thousands of articles focusing on the work and the efforts of Saarthi into their newspapers, magazines, epapers and etc.


The Mission of Saarthi Trust is to change the scenario of malpractices and establish a society free from all violence, abuse and exploitation against children and women. And spreading smiles to victims and moving them on to the path of rehabilitation.


Saarthi Trust has a foresight and innovative vision to strike out the malpractices. Along with the preventive approach we are focusing on curative approach for a wide change. This curative approach is Child Marriage Annulments, changing of mindsets and involving every sphere of the world like Dominating Male society, Community Leaders, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations as well as the children and women to our mission of establishing a society free from all violence, abuse and exploitation against children and women.

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