हर तबके तक पहुंचना चाहिए शास्त्रीय नृत्य का जादू

Meet Nehha: Bharatanatyam Dancer, Cultural Entrepreneur

Just 28 years on this planet and Nehha has already made a dent in the world as a TEDx Curator and Bharatnatyam Dancer. She also runs her arts Foundation, Sarvam. We tried to learn from Nehha how she sports multiple hats at a time when most of us are ‘too busy’ to do anything constructive beyond our 9-5 jobs. Nehha is the Founder-President of Sarvam Foundation that curates unique performing arts festivals. Nehha holds the license for TEDxTughlaqRd- Delhi’s massive annual TEDx event which she curates and organizes.  Nehha is an internationally recognized Bharatanatyam danseuse. Nehha enables the underpriviledged girl child to learn the Classical Arts and perform internationally. Nehha incubates, nurtures and connects new talent to flourish in the arts. Nehha speaks and holds worldwide workshops using arts as a medium of healing and transformation.

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