Meet Rajendra Bandhu Pamar, who is working selflessly for women empowerment

Meet Rajendra Bandhu Pamar, who is working selflessly for women empowerment

About Samaan Social Development Society

Samaan Society has evolved through a prolonged process in the field of social work. From last two decades people working with different not for profit organisations in various parts of Madhya Pradesh envisaged to work with an organisation which runs on the democratic values and came together to establish Samaan Society. The people who are working with Samaan had worked in the field of Education, Livelihood, and Local self- governance in Madhya Pradesh. They have gained experience not only in grassroots work but also in operations and institutional development. Samaan Society was formed in December, 2010.

Because of widespread inequality, women and people of the dalit community are not only deprived of the opportunities of development but also have to encounter violence in the society. Samaan society is actively working in the direction of making the legal justice accessible to the women suffering from violence and also in their social economic development.

It has been seen that in the cases of violence against women, the women is left alone as no one in the society stands for her, which makes her miserable and vulnerable. Hence, Samaan helps these women to raise their voices and stand for their better future, helps them to fight their cases in the courts with all the legal procedures. Samaan Society also provides them the livelihood opportunities where they can work and become socially and economically empowered. Samaan Society trained the women as professional drivers. The society is committed towards connecting the women with such livelihood opportunities which have so far been in the hands of men. Driving is a similar kind of skill, which breaks the stereotype in the society.

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