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Meet Sairee Chahal, creating SHEROES worldwide

Before venturing out with SHEROES, Sairee Chahal had a multi chequered career having worked in magazines specialising in advertising and marketing.She also worked for Central Asian countries and set up their embassies, headed the world’s first magazine for mariners, as well as worked at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)’s Russia desk.But the entrepreneurial streak in her couldn’t be suppressed.”I started my first company when I was 19. The idea was to do something. Since I didn’t find anything interesting, I started with something of interest and value. With SHEROES, my story has just started and I still have a long way to go,” begins Chahal who is the Founder and Chief Executive Office of SHEROES, the most successful online community for women in India.The idea of SHEROES evolved from Sairee’s previous venture Fleximoms which started as a pilot for women on career break, to identify flex work options, work from home or those who were looking for more friendly opportunities. Today, SHEROES has become of the biggest online influencers destination for women from all walks of professional life.”The core of our philosophy is to help women navigate career stages and find work that fits their life. is a platform product built around career and life stages of women and assists them throughout their career in terms of work opportunities that best fit their lives, career resources and mentorship,” explains Chahal who is herself a mum to a 10-year-old.And while she dedicates a lot of her time in the office, she also knows how to balance her personal life.Balancing work with family time, Chahal says she has been able to do it all because she follows one simple mantra.

“Time management is the key. Plus if you know and do prioritise, you will always find the balance,” she explains.A typical day in Chahal’s life is not just about work because she tries to squeeze in her favourite activities as well. Apart from spending time with her family and dog, she include vocations such as yoga as well as gardening.”I am interested in yoga and enjoy it. I don’t timeline my yoga on a daily basis, but I do it daily and skip it when I am neck-deep in As I am growing older, I find other things that interest me like gardening, for instance. I love working with Nature. I love reading sports magazines, too,” she shares.But all this doesn’t mean she has never faced any challenges.”There have been a lot of hard times but then you remember why you chose the path. And that gives you the strength to keep swimming,” she notes.If it weren’t for these hard times, Chahal may not have been able to create a financially viable option for other women. She believes that every woman must have financial independence and work towards it.”Yes, very much. It is so because that helps boost their confidence, self esteem, and give them a purpose. More than that – the satisfaction they get when they see themselves creating value is huge,” she says.This is one of the premises of creating a platform that provided this opportunity to mums who were looking to get back into workforce. But how does SHEROES work?”Women join community by creating a profile. They then explore opportunities, consume career content, connect with mentors or participate in various activities and career events,” explains Chahal.With consistent growth at 300 percent CAGR, Chahal has made SHEROES the biggest stop for women looking to get back on their feet after a hiatus. “ is built of the principle that you are a job seeker a few times in your life but your career is forever. It’s the only platform that provides the career eco-system for women with opportunities of various work formats – full time, flex work options, entrepreneurial work options, internships, projects,” explains Chahal.So if you’re a new mum or simply somebody who is looking to get back into workforce or start afresh, you know where to head off to!

(Text Source :theindusparent)