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Meet the 35-year-old who has Rescued over 70,000 animals

Thirty-five-year-old Pradeep Nair’s love and adoration for animals go beyond hugs and cuddles. A web developer by night and an animal rescuer by day, he has been stepping out of his comfort zone to provide solace to the amiable creatures.  Born in the quaint town of Sathupally in the Khammam district of Telangana, Pradeep’s tryst with animals began when he was just 11-years-old. After keeping a parrot in an enclosure for days, he discovered the joy of releasing it, and from then on, there was no looking back. From volunteering with the Blue Cross, a UK-based animal welfare organization, laying the foundation for an NGO on his own, to rescuing and treating more than 70,000 animals, Pradeep has done it all.  Many a time, the zoophile has helped liberate trapped and injured animals using tactical methods. Rescuing a rollicking, furry kitten from a borewell was one such instance.
After receiving a call from one of the citizens living in the outskirts of Hyderabad about a kitten falling into a 70-feet deep and 6 cm wide borewell, Pradeep and his team rushed to the scene. Recalling the episode, Pradeep Nair says,
Today, Pradeep has extended his endeavor in the field of animal welfare. He not only gives animals a new lease of life but also organizes several preservation programs, awareness campaigns, and training workshops as part of his NGO Animal Warriors Conservation Society.

After completing his engineering from the Mother Teresa Institute of Technology in Sathupally, Pradeep moved to the city of Nawabs, Hyderabad, in search of a job. Very soon, he started freelancing in the space of web development and spent his time creating designs and writing complicated codes based on client requirements. 
A year later, in 2006, Pradeep founded a web development firm named Acetrix along with his brother-in-law. It was around the same time that he re-connected with his affinity towards animals.
Instantly, Pradeep tried to rescue the injured animal, but it escaped. That was when he found the contact of Blue Cross on the internet and called them. After seeing the relief provided by its professional team of rescuers, Pradeep, too, signed up to be a volunteer with them. Eventually, Pradeep learned to rescue injured, as well as sick animals. If the bruise is not very grim, he started treating them himself using basic first aid tools. For serious ailments, he generally arranged for transport and took them to a shelter or a veterinarian.  Besides working with the Blue Cross, Pradeep also took the plunge of starting operations independently by putting in his personal funds. Many times he led animals to his office to administer care and give them some space to recoup. Alternately, he also built a temporary dwelling for animals on his terrace, and termed it ‘pocket shelter.’
Soon, Pradeep began receiving a slew of calls from individuals across Hyderabad and the surrounding villages to save injured and sick animals. In fact, there also came a point where he had to choose between his career as a web developer and as an animal rescuer.
Bringing animals back to life Located amidst clusters of palm trees on one side and the tranquil banks of the Malampuzha dam on the other is the town of Shoranur in the Palakkad district of Kerala. It is Pradeep’s ancestral home from where he temporarily shifted base in 2018.

When severe floods hit the state in the latter half of that year due to unusually heavy rainfall, Pradeep, along with the volunteers part of the Animal Warriors group, stood at the forefront to rescue over 450 street dogs, cats, and other farm animals.
Once the water receded and things started getting better, Pradeep returned to Hyderabad to establish Animal Warriors Conservation Society, an NGO dedicated to animal rescue, conservation, and awareness. The organization was formally registered in 2019 with 21 volunteers on board.   To preserve the habitats for animals, the NGO is engaged in conducting lake clean up drives, setting up houses and water bowls for birds, and Manja clearance initiatives. Besides this, Pradeep and his team are spreading awareness about animal welfare through various events like drawing competitions, rescue training workshops, and nature walks, across educational institutions in and around Hyderabad.
Pradeep stuck to his passion and dedicated his life to the well-being of animals. The 25-year-old was recently recognized with the ‘Heroes of Hyderabad’ award for his work towards animal welfare by Radio City.

(Text Source: Your Story)

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