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Meet Treeman: Rajesh Kumar Suman

The environment is the topic of discussion today for the whole world. Increasing carbon dioxide and the increasing temperature of the Earth have worried the whole world. To keep the world safe from global warming, it is a matter of planting trees on every side.The ‘Planting Guruji’ (Rajesh Kumar Suman) is working to spread green fodder by planting trees on large-scale through “Selfie-With Tree” campaign for environmental protection and promotion without any government help. His morning starts with the plantation. If he does not plant a plant in twenty-four hours then he is not happy. Although Rajesh Kumar Suman used to plant Trees From sixth grade, he has been engaged for the last four years but the intensive plantation campaign has been going on for the last four years. It is to be noted that the plant’s guru Ji Rajesh Kumar has been giving free education to the daughters, Divyang and economically weaker children for free for the last 10 years through the Suman Green School “BSS Club” and for free education Rajesh Kumar Suman Guru Dakshina is In the form of environmental protection and promotion, one plant is planted from each child.

Thus, to date, lakhs of trees have been planted. Besides, Rajesh Kumar Suman, wherever anywhere, celebrates birthday celebrations like Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Janeu and Munden, gift or Chuman, instead of Gift or Chumavan, offers an eco-friendly gift  “A plant“.Rajesh Kumar Suman plats Trees on various occasions including his birthday and marriage anniversary, the birth anniversaries and deaths of various great men, major festivals, major days, World Water Day, World Earth Day. He also organise a special campaign on events like World Environment Day and Aware the masses through seminars and rallies. After teaching the children, he puts efforts in the service of nature.

You will find more than fifty species of trees in the garden where he give free education to children. He makes people aware of planting as well as plants for free from their side. Rajesh Kumar Suman not only spends his precious time for environmental protection but also contributes 60 per cent of his earnings for this. Because of their passion for the environment, people have now started to call him a planting Guruji or a Treeman.The Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Sushil Kumar Modi, for his outstanding contributions in the field of education and environmental protection, Bihar Disaster Management Authority Vice President Vyas Ji, Rajiv Gandhi Central University Arunachal Pradesh Vice Chancellor Dr. Saket Kushwaha, question and attention committee, Bishan Council Patna (Bihar) president Prof. Nawal Kishore Yadav, Samastipur District Magistrate Pranav Kumar, Motihari Superintendent of Police, Upendra Sharma, Delhi University, Press Club, Lucknow and many NGOs have Awarded him for this Nobel cause.

(Text Source:Realbihar)