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Exposé bachelor’s dissertation

The word Exposé in French means “presentation”. This means that you are listing the problem, the state of research and the concept of your work. What should also not be overlooked is your schedule and useful reading list. This preparation can help you optimize the processing time for your bachelor’s thesis.
But don’t panic! It is important here that your scientific work has not yet been carved out by your synopsis. In the process of research paper writing help, a lot can change at any time. However, getting exposed can help you get your head straight, even if you think you’re still at the very beginning of your work.
The approximate length should be 2-5 pages. This gives you some advantages:
You can use your synopsis as a basis for discussion with your supervisor, so you can show that you are serious about the topic.
You will also make sure that your work is in line with university guidelines.
In addition, you can better and early on recognize if risks or problems are present or likely to arise, which means you can avoid a lot of work.
Last but not least, it can help you save a lot of time in the editing phase as you already think about literature and many other aspects.
The synopsis is viewed as a small scientific work. This means that you must pay attention to certain standards such as correct citation, cover page creation, and formatting.
In fact, there is a difference from all other scientific articles: they do not correspond to the classical structure of “introduction-main part-conclusion”. In addition, you do not yet have research results with which will help, so you do not need to write a conclusion. They are then reserved for homework, bachelor’s and master’s theses.
Starting point and purpose: Here you define your research question and present both the problem and the state of the research. You also explain what you want to achieve with this work – should the statement be confirmed or refuted? You show exactly what you want to know!
In Methods: Under this point you mention what theory your work is based on and what methods you want to work with. In short, you show how you want to act in general and what resources you need. These resources can be found at so it will be easier for you to write your work.
Schedule: From this perspective, you show in a spreadsheet how much time you have scheduled for the individual points of your thesis. This is how you set deadlines for yourself.
Last but not least, bibliography: In this paragraph, you list which sources are relevant to you and may be of interest for your bachelor’s thesis.
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