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Providing direct contacts of girls

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Once there, I turned on the shower to get the water hot, then stood in front of you and took my tiny tank top all the way off. I slowly lifted your shirt, undid your pants, and helped you out of your clothing piece by piece. I looked up at you watching me, and basked in the full height of you.


As soon as we were fully naked together, I took your hand and led you to the rainfall showerhead. I let you soak your body under the warm water first, while I lathered up a cloth with soapy suds. I handed it to you so you could sit on the stone bench and wait for me while I took my turn under the water.


Wet and dripping, I moved behind you and took the cloth, and started washing at the back of your neck. Moving across your shoulders and down the length of your back, I washed every inch of you, carefully and deliberately. I scrubbed your chest, your torso, your ass… and crouched onto my knees to wash down the long, long length of your legs and back up again, making you shudder as I ran the soapy cloth between your legs.


Then I moved behind you again to rub your shoulders, as promised. You moaned and relaxed into me, letting me work the tension out of your muscles, digging into the knots there as best I could. With a sigh, you leaned back, looking up at me through the thickening steam. I learned all this techniques on the escort &sex blog.


“You’re amazing,” you said.


I smiled and thanked you, feeling gratified by my ability to steady you and help you relax. You insisted I was the one who deserved thanks, and I felt a flush in my cheeks as I bit my lip.


“I know you said I can’t come tonight,” I said, bashful, and you narrowed your eyes at me. “And that isn’t what I’m asking for!” I quickly clarified. “I was actually wondering… if I could… maybe please you? Um… on my knees?”


Taking my hand, you guided me around to sit on your lap. You kissed me and ran one of your hands down my torso, while the other one toyed with my hair.


“You really want to do that?” You asked. “You’re already pretty riled up… at least, let me check…”


Your hand slid up my inner thighs to the copious wetness between my legs, and you started caressing my pussy, ever so lightly.


“Ohh…” I moaned. “Y-yes… I really, really… w-want to, please…”


“A ‘please’ even…” you said, your strokes getting softer and softer, since you knew at this point it would hardly take any effort to make me come.


Clinging to your shoulders, I instinctively thrust my hips forward, in an attempt to grind against your hand. You instantly pulled away, tsk’ing at me.


“Hmm… I’m not sure you’re up for pleasing me tonight,” you mused. “You might start begging for your own orgasm.”


“No, I won’t, I promise.” Wide-eyed, I shook my head and did my best to convey my sincerity. “I can wait until tomorrow,like you said. And only if you decide I’ve been a good girl who’s earned her pleasure,” I insisted.


“Okay,” you said simply, and a thrill went through me at the thought of putting my mouth on you. “But not until we’re done with our shower. My dirty girl needs to wash herself, very, very thoroughly…”


As you talked, you nibbled at my ear and tweaked my nipples, just enough to make me yelp. Hoisting me off your lap, you handed me the washcloth and the soap.


“Go ahead and get started,” you instructed. “I’ll be right back.”


You walked under the rainfall shower on your way out, rinsing off the suds my scrubbing had left on your body.


Bewildered, I did as you said and began to lather myself from head to toe. I bent over to reach down to my ankles and feet, and when I stood up again I saw you leaning against the door frame, filming me with your phone.


Startled, I froze mid-lather.


“Oh don’t stop on my account,” you teased. “I want you to get nice and clean for me, babe. Make sure you get lots of soap all over that dirty little body of yours…”


“Yes, boss…” I replied, and you smiled as I scrubbed myself, slowly, with both my hands and the soapy washcloth.


“Mmm… just like that,” you murmured. “And remind me why you need to get extra clean tonight? Is it because you were extra dirty today?”


Biting my lip, I lowered my lashes and nodded.


“Y-yes… I was extra dirty today,” I answered, doing my best to show you how contrite I was.


You crossed one arm across your chest, holding your phone/camera up a little higher.


“Mmhm. And what did you do, my dirty, naughty girl?” You asked.


“I, um…” No matter how many times I’d had to do it, I always felt extremely bashful when you made me voice my sins out loud. “I went out, into the neighborhood… wearing a tiny, um… slutty little outfit.”


“That’s right,” you agreed. “And why was that a naughty, dirty girl thing to do?”


“Because, I um, I… showed off, what belongs to you,” I stammered, continuing to lather myself up while I talked.


“You sure did,” you said. “And to make sure you’ve learned your lesson, I want you to take extra care with all the parts of you that you flaunted all over our neighborhood today. Like those perky little nipples of yours that everyone could see through your tank top.”


With a slight whimper, I set to work soaping up my nipples with extra lather, squirming and moaning under my own touch.


“That’s my good girl,” you smirked. “And when you bent over in those tiny shorts, to pick up the package that arrived for me, you gave everyone a nice, clear view of that dirty girl ass, didn’t you?”


“Y-yes, boss… I did, I’m sorry,” I replied.


“Don’t be sorry,” you said. “Just turn around and let’s see how you can make that dirty ass good and clean, for me.”


Following orders, I turned my back to you, putting my wet, soapy ass on display. Working it into even more of a lather, I rubbed and scrubbed and squeezed for you, making sure to spread my ass cheeks and clean in between them.


I heard you shift with a sigh behind me.


“This next part is tricky, because you clearly need to wash between your legs… but you’re such a wet, soaking mess down there, you’d make yourself come in about 30 seconds…”


You weren’t wrong, so I waited patiently for further instruction.


“For now, I just want you to rinse off,” you decided. “But wait until I switch to slow motion.”


As soon as you told me to, I stepped under the cascade of water, washing the soap from my body to reveal sparkling clean skin. I arched my back and opened my mouth under the water, running my hands over my hair and savoring the sensation of being all cleaned up.


Except for between my legs, of course.


Setting your phone down, you walked over to me, wrapping an arm around my waist.


“First of all, that slo-mo video is going to look phenomenal. I almost wish I wasn’t so selfish with you, so I could show it to other people.” You grinned at the gasp that escaped my lips. “Don’t worry. I am incredibly selfish with you.”


“Good,” I grinned back. “Because I’m selfish about you, too.” I kissed you then, and smiled my best coy smile. “Am I all squeaky clean for you, boss?”


You kissed me back, and I felt you lift the removable shower head off the wall behind me.


“Almost,” you answered. “Go to the bench, bend over, and spread your legs.”


My mouth fell open in surprise, and you raised an eyebrow.


“Is that a problem?” You asked.


“No… no, boss, not at all.” I scurried over to the bench as quickly as the shower floor would allow and complied with your direction at once.


I placed my palms flat on the slick stone and spread my legs apart for you. A sudden blast of water hit me between my legs.


“Holy fuck,” I cried, lurching forward and bracing myself against the stream of water.


You waved the water up and down and side to side, taunting me… tormenting me… for about ten seconds. Then you turned the water off.


“There,” you pronounced. “Now you’re clean.”


Still bent over and now panting, I watched you walk out of the shower room, taking my signal to stand up and follow you.


Wrapping a towel around yourself, you handed one to me, too. As we walked back to the living room, you towel dried your hair and winked at me.


“You can change your mind if you want,” you smiled, “about getting on your knees. If it’s too much for you.”


“Are you kidding?” I asked. “I want to now more than ever.”


“Mmm…” you sighed, taking my face in your hands and kissing me lightly. “My naughty little weirdo. How did I get so lucky?”


As you settled onto the couch, I finished patting myself dry and tossed my towel aside. You grinned, looking my naked body up and down with appreciation.


“You aren’t too cold?” You asked, and I shook my head no as I sank to my hands and knees, crawling between your legs. “Mmm, that’s good…” you murmured, weaving your hands through my hair, “because I really, really like you naked.”


“I know you do,” I purred, smiling up at you.


Wiggling my ass back and forth, I leaned forward and took you in my mouth, licking and sucking… slowly at first, taking my time so I could savor and relish every inch of you.


Sinking back against the couch cushions you moaned with pleasure, and the sound – as always – filled me with a pride fueled by electrified bliss. Nothing compared to the sensation that ran through me when I knew I was pleasing you, in any and every way.


As I varied my speed and pressure (ever so slightly), your hips started to buck and I grabbed hold of them, to steady you so I could focus on the delicious task at hand.


“Oh, fuck…” you murmured, and I knew you were close. I kept at it, doing my best to use my mouth, lips, and tongue in exactly the ways you liked. I listened to your ragged breathing and took cues from the movements of your body, following your lead so I could lead you to your release…


And when you came, you came hard. I clung to you, keeping my mouth on you and taking you in, pressing us against each other until I felt your body slip down the waning side of climax.


After a few moments of nuzzling your skin, I climbed up and onto your lap, draping my body over yours. You wrapped your arms around me and held me close, murmuring words of love and devotion.


Then you scooped me up in your arms and carried me to our bed. Pulling back the covers, you laid me down and tucked me in. From my warm and cozy spot, I heard you cleaning up in the other room. When you climbed into bed and joined me, I noticed you’d put your lounge clothes back on. I, of course, would be sleeping naked.


As you settled in behind me, curling your body around mine, I felt the most curious combination of sated and ravenous. My body was aflame from all the night’s torments, but my soul was at peace after an evening of surrendering myself to you, and servicing you in every way you’d allowed.


But then your fingers started toying with my nipples, and the fire in my body threatened to overpower the peace in my soul.


“You were a very, very good girl tonight,” you said, your voice low and languid.


“Thank you, it was my pleasure,” I demurred.


“Speaking of your pleasure,” you said, “ I’m ready to sleep, thanks to you and your TLC, but you’ve been so good, I’m going to give you a choice. You can either make yourself come, right here and now, without my participation, or you can wait until morning when I’m refreshed and ready to ravage you.”


While a throbbing surge moved through my body at the thought of being able to have an orgasm, I knew my answer even before you’d finished stating your offer. I turned my upper body just enough to face you.


“I’ll wait for you,” I said with a kiss. “My body is yours… I am yours… I will always, always choose you.”


And electrified though I was, I fell sound asleep in your arms, dreaming of you having your way with me in the morning.


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