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    An Understanding of the Various Types of Essay

    Types of essay will generally talk on the various types of essay that you may be required to write on. One thing about academic writing is that you may be asked to compose just any type of essay. The topic of what you write may not simply suggest the type of essay that you may be required to write on. In some cases, you will have to understand the topic and infer the type of essay that is required from the topic. Knowing how to write an essay outline should be important here because there are cases in which you can only know that type of essay you are writing on after you have carved out an essay outline or an essay plan. There are so many types of essay. But the following are the commonest forms of essays from the English Home Work Help Company:
    An essay may require you to compare and contrast. In most cases, you will not realize that this is what is required by the question. A compare and contrast essay will however require you to bring out the similarities and differences on what is provided in the subject.

    An essay may be a controversial essay. This type of essay is very common with issues of heated debate in the society or over the media. Issues of controversy here will dwell on topics such as abortion, homosexuality or capital punishment. These will require you to raise an issue of argument, bring out evidence in support of what you have raised and further state your position which should equally raise some more arguments.

    An essay may be a persuasive type. A persuasive essay should be considered as another form of serious research and writing because you will have to bring in your power of persuasion. This should be your most valuable writing tool if you think you can convince your readers to take the same position like you. This type of essay equally means you must have a complete understanding of the whole topic. Keep in mind that you cannot put up a probable argument and even convince others to think the way you do if you do not have a complete understanding of the topic. An example of such an essay is an essay on respect.
    An essay may require you to evaluate. This is a type of essay which will require you to first of all understand a topic and make a genuine appraisal of what the topic is al about. Remember that your appraisal or evaluation must be genuine.

    An essay may further be on generalities. This is a type of essay in which you will be asked to bring out what you generally know about the subject. It is rare for such topics to be common. But it is sometimes given as a form of testing the research and writing capacities of the student or as college essay prompts.
    An essay may also require you to classify. This means that you must break down issues in a manner which seem easy to classify. You are going to dwell on the broken parts wholesomely so that they should be better understood when read as pieces and when they are combined and read as a unified whole.

    Types of essay, as earlier said, may be difficult to be inferred at first instance. In most cases, this is done as part of the evaluation process. It is therefore left to you to determine what the question is requesting.