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Software Development at MAG Studios

At MAG Studios, we have a defined process to develop customized software.

Typically it starts with capturing of the user requirements and submitting them estimates for work completion, both in terms of time estimate and also the costing (the translation into money terms is a culmination of a number of activities – starting with the following)

Developing a high level flow chart to meet the requirements
Estimating the number of programs that may be required
Converting the above into effort estimates for developing the programs (including testing and debugging)
Project monitoring and implementation efforts
Contingency assumed

These high level estimates assume a number of things and therefore cover a number of risks (at times these risks are shared with the customer before proceeding with the development process – especially the environmental risks)

Even though the project proposal lists the roles and responsibilities respectively of the custom software development and the consultant – these are repeated again (along with the inherent risks) and a project management proposal is prepared and signed off by the customer.

The proposal inter-alia contains the following

Risks involved – both internal and external risks
The project team and the work division in the consultant’s organization
The work plan in the form of milestones mapped on the calendar
The testing and implementation strategies
The reporting and escalation strategy
Other metrics that may have been agreed upon and having critical impact on the deliveries

Periodic review meetings are held and the progress status is monitored.  Also any and all queries are addressed to the customer for resolution.

The above project lifecycle is a routine process and is typically followed by mist organizations.  We however have a unique role of a technology mentor who works with the dedicated team and provides them on the job assistance and help. This person works in tandem with the project leader and aims to monitor/increase the productivity and throughput of the project. In addition this person ensures that

Laid down quality standards are followed
All quality documents are maintained – both in principle and practice
The coding standards are followed
The configuration management practices are followed
The productivity of the team achieves the defined level

The testing team is independent of the project team and all deliverables go through the testing team.

The people’s part of the client organization is explicitly taken into account and it is ensured that all new activities pursuant to the implementation of the project are explicitly accounted for (Depending upon the size of the project specific transition plans are also formulated and monitored)

The post delivery stage forms the last part of the assignment where bug reporting and system functioning is specifically addressed for potential bugs and errors.  As such the client from software developers company often calls for changes in the designed system (because of changes in requirements) and this phase forms a suitable forum for implementing such changes
MAG Studios – Our Challenges and Our Responses

MAG Studios has been around for a very long time and trust me, we are here to grow and stay and then grow some more and expand our footprint in overseas and the Indian market more and more with each passing year.  2020 was a good year for mobile application development services and online marketing and we are hoping to build upon the success and goodwill gained in 2019 to make 2020 an even better year in terms of our workforce, our knowledge base, global approach and also our revenues.

No matter what line of business you are in, there are always challenges – challenges impacting growth, project deliveries, internal trainings and also challenges related to client satisfaction and more importantly employee management.

One of the biggest challenges faced by us at MAG is to ensure that our workforce delivers as per industry standards and acceptable programming practices.  I am in no way implying that our deliveries are a result of bad and careless programming, had that been the case, this would not have been one of the biggest challenges that we face.

In a nutshell, these are the issues we face and this is how we encounter them:

1. A rigid 9 AM – 5 PM Schedule – Does this really work for anyone?  Our work timings are flexible and we work to meet the deadlines and the deliveries.  If you are caught up with your deliverable’s and are sure of passing the internal evaluation exams, you are allowed to leave at any time, however if there is work to be done, trust me there are always enough people in the office to give you it support services company just in case you feel lonely.  And then there are always incentives for meeting the delivery targets.  We do not believe in finishing tomorrow, we believe in finishing on time and if possible, then improvising tomorrow.

2. I wont/dont want to learn new things – This is related to a person trying to improve upon their already impressive skill-set so we can offer an even better service to our clients.  It is a requirement at MAG Studios to continuously upgrade yourself and be in tune with the latest functional and efficient methods of getting a project done.  Our internal evaluations ensure that your projects are done by programmers/designers/analysts who are more than capable of completing the task at hand.

3. I dont feel like working today – Lets party!!!!! – we are all up for enjoyment, but certainly not at the expense of client deliveries.  Once again, if we are caught up with work we can party even in the hottest day, but if there are deliveries due, then work takes prominence even over national holidays.

If you are planning on engaging MAG Studios for an assignment, we can assure you of the best services and timely deliveries to ensure that you do not suffer any set-backs or delays because of us.  The delivery will be of top quality meeting and exceeding all industry standards and the work will be exceptional.

We look forward to having you as a client of MAG Studios and would be happy to have our existing clients give testimonials based on their experience of working with us.

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