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Why does television have
a damaging effect on the intellect

Н. Postman, in Teaching as a Saving Activity (1980s) (he had also previously written Teaching as a Subversion), takes traditionalist positions, arguing that schools should not adapt to the information sphere in the form of and television has
has a destructive effect on the intellect because – like
school – has its own program, its own system and methodology.
The school must confront this information environment. This
possible if the school gives children a good knowledge of history, language, arts, religion and the continuity of human
aspirations. Guidelines are advocated such as an increased
emphasis on the fundamentals of education in and science and especially
history as the heritage of science.
The traditionalist-conservative concept is recommended to schools by the U.S. Congress and politicians. As early as 1983.
the president of the United States appointed a commission on education, which
prepared a report entitled “A Nation at Risk.” The president was
concerned about the rising tide of grayness, that schools in the
U.S. had lost the image of high standards. The risk lies in the ongoing drain on intellectual thought,
which has become redistributed in the world like drugs. A high level of education is the basis of a democratic
state and its foundation of proud pluralism. That is why, in 1990.
U.S. President Bush gave a speech to Congress on national education, where he proclaimed his goals through the year 2000
(which are not global, but achievable.
и ):
– schoolchildren should come to the 1st grade able to
– 90% of students should successfully complete secondary general education in accordance with the standard of knowledge;
– It is necessary to organize exams in the social disciplines, English and
The students must be tested in social studies, English, mathematics, science, history, and geography at the end of grades 4, 8, and 12. There are transfer exams for these
transferable exams and updated content are being introduced in these subjects. The American public needs to be assured that the school
prepares citizens capable of participating in the normal life
country in all spheres.
– By the year 2000, American students should be ranked #1 in the world in mathematics and science;
– universal literacy was needed,
which was important for them to exercise their rights;

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Information culture in education.
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