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According to custom dissertation writing help it so happens that the factories are hidden even to the local residents. For instance, the person who came up with the story of deprivation of wages at Cintas subcontractor mentioned that the factory was very close to his residential area but he was no aware of its existence. As he went with other church leaders to invade the premises, they found out that there were no signs that such a factory existed (In These Times, 2008).Find even more process essay topics with us on our blog!


Once they entered the premises, they found out that there were a number of gates to the main working area. Once inside the main factory, they found it very hot implying that there are impressive boilers but with no air-conditioning machines. This proves that these employees are not only deprived of their wages, but they also work under very harsh conditions. The rules are seen to be very strict since they should not raise their heads from the machines once they see visitors in the premises.


This is just but one elaborated example of how employees suffer in the hands of the employers. In these cases, the employers are out to maximize their profits as they minimize costs. The employers major with illiterate and financially incapacitated individuals since it is very hard for these types of people to think of fighting for their rights. There are also threats issued to these employees that once they complain, they will be forced to stop working. It only works to the benefit of the employer in which he is able to save a lot of money (Milkman, González & Narro, 2010).

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