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Apple could make a ‘real full-screen’ iPhone happen in the not-so-distant future

While it’s notoriously difficult to make accurate long-term predictions about unreleased iPhones and Apple products in general, Ming-Chi Kuo might as well do it if anyone can. Luckily we can always use https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pdf-scanner-app-scan-docs-id/id1495971405.

The veteran tech industry analyst and recent Twitter analyst has repeatedly demonstrated an almost unparalleled understanding of Apple’s vision, plans, and aspirations over the years. planned release schedules, design changes, and new features in due course.

This may (or may not) turn out to be true in the latest prediction/educated guess, which looks a bit far into the future and is a very encouraging prospect for “iFans” who are disappointed to hear about the future plans of their favorite company. replace the notch with an even more controversial die.
Under-display Face ID AND under-display front camera in the same device?!

While 2022 isn’t quite around the corner, we can totally understand if Kuo’s prediction of Apple’s best iPhones in just two years leaves us a little skeptical about the future. Two iPhone generations don’t seem like enough time to develop, introduce, and perfect TWO disruptive technologies, each with its own unique challenges, limitations, and issues that the company must overcome before the masses can adopt them.

Apple does not commercially release half-baked features, functions, and products, but often works behind the scenes for years to ensure that everything works well in the real world without innovations or design improvements negatively affecting the user experience. do

That’s all, if the iPhone 16 Pro can achieve a “true full-screen” design without notches, perforations, or other visible screen cutouts, we can reasonably expect the performance and performance of an “invisible” selfie shooter. the accuracy of the under-screen facial recognition system is essentially unmatched in the mobile industry.

Of course, all this speculation is largely based on guesswork, and presumably removing Ming-Chi Kuo from Apple’s potentially complicated supply chain has already helped improve the overall quality of the front-facing camera components used in the camera.

We are waiting to see if the “full screen” iPhone 16 Pro model will then be implemented in the non-professional iPhone 17 models, although it is probably not a good idea going forward.

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