Source: Me Next Magazine-Rajasthan Patrika (13-May-2018)

Mera Patient - Medical App

Medical help Panic button that assist you to rescue you and yours in critical/acute crisis. When you slide this panic button it sends notification alert along with phone call and geo location to predefined five contact numbers.

Mobile application provides information about locally placed diagnostic labs and medicine shop in nearby area. It directly connects user with shops or labs and gives competitive prices, so that maximum benefits to the user can be assured. Its user friendly and to avail the benefits user required to upload the prescription. All benefits of direct dealing can be availed such as immediate delivery, instruction, replacements, alternate options etc. with attraction at discounted price. It’s a real gain in pain. It also keeps your medical records. You can earn lucky coins by sharing it among your contacts which can be redeemed against payment. Ensure speedy rescue in critical situation. This app have a unique feature that is Panic button. it is security feature.

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