नक्सलियों ने 34 लोगों की हत्या कर दी पर लोग डरे नहीं, शिक्षा को हथियार बनाया, आज हर परिवार से एक सदस्य सरकारी नौकरी में

Naxalites 34 people but people are not scared; Made education weapon, today every family member is in government job

 On hearing the name of Bastar, pictures of Naxalite panic begin to be remembered. Amidst this panic lies the village of Sukma district – Errabor. The village with a population of about five thousand is known as the village of government officials. The reason is that almost one member in all the 700 families here is definitely in a government job. There are 480 people in government jobs in the village. He is proud of this identity because in just 15 years he has raised himself from the ashes. In 2006, 34 people were attacked by Naxalites on the village. The entire village was burnt.

Soyam Bhadra, the village sub-sarpanch, says that I was 24 then. There was nothing in the name of facilities here. We were just that, too illiterate. It was a difficult time, but after the attack, the villagers vowed not to be afraid of the Naxalites anymore, as there was nothing left to lose. The village made education a weapon to fight the Naxalites. Children studied in chimney lights. The ideal village of the village – Soyam Sunku. Sunaku’s father Soyam Lachha was the sarpanch of the village. He was killed by the Naxalites in 2005, but Sunaku completed his BSc and was then selected in the Ordinance Factory Service. Today Sunaku holds the post of deputy director in the Union Ministry of Defense.

Sukma SP Shalabh Sinha says that the first road was built in Erraber. While the children were ready for reading and writing, they were also provided employment opportunities. The result of 15 years of hard work is that today there are people with government jobs in every household. More than three and a half hundred people are in police jobs. Apart from this, people are also posted in education, post, electricity and panchayat departments. The new generation is studying up to medical and engineering,The village woman soldier Sangeeta said that 15 years ago the village was immersed in darkness, there were no school-hospitals. People lived in slums. Today there are pucca houses, hospitals, schools, banks. All have internet facility. Village girls are driving moped-scooters. No one had imagined a change so quickly in such a backward area.

( Text Source: newsbaba )

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