New English Words to Use for Greetings, Other Than Hello

When it comes to ‘greeting’ words used in English, you all are familiar with the common terms ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’, widely used by all

Though these are the common ways of greeting a person, modern English brings in quite a few more words to help you greet people. These words help you enhance your conversation skills and even create an impression on others.

There are different words for both formal and informal greetings, as well as casual greetings. Let’s go through them as per the category:

1. Formal Greetings

A) Pleased to meet you

It’s a polite phrase and can be used during formal greetings. You can use this phrase when you meet someone for the first time. And if you happen to meet the person again, make sure to use the phrase ‘Nice to see you again’.

B) How do you do?

Another formal way of greeting, this phrase is not very common so it can surely earn you some brownie points.

C) How have you been?

You can use this phrase when you are meeting the person you’ve known before. It is also a courteous way of greeting that you can even use with your business associates.

You can use words like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Afternoon’ for formal greetings, particularly when you are attending business meetings.

2. Informal/Casual Greetings

A) Hey or Hi

These words are pretty common among youngsters. While you can use ‘Hi’ can be used with both strangers and people you are familiar with, ‘Hey’ is mostly used with people you are closed to or with friends.

B) How’s it going?

This phrase is both polite and casual so you can easily use it in all possible situations. In a more trendy way, this phrase is even said as ‘How’s it goin’? The response to this phrase is usually given as ‘I’m doing well’.

C) What’s up?

This is another wonderful way of greeting that you can use informally. It is a phrase you usually use when you have to enquire what the other person has been up to or how he/she has been over the past days.

D) How’s life?

Mostly used by youngsters, this phrase is a common informal greeting. You can use this phrase when you meet your friend or any familiar person after a long time.

E) Long time no see

This casual way of greeting is used when you meet someone who hasn’t been in contact for quite a few days. You can even use it when you meet someone unexpectedly after a long time.

So, next time you meet someone; a complete stranger, friend, or acquaintance; make sure to use these greeting words and cast an impressive impact.