ग्रामीण महिलाओं को मुफ्त में सैनिटरी पैड

Nischay is distributing free sanitary napkins to rural girls during lockdown

Several non-profit organizations, individuals, and people from different walks of life have come forward to support those facing the severe brunt of hunger and starvation during coronavirus outbreak. Free ration kits are being distributed across the country to people living in slums and streets. No doubt, it’s a commendable job. But several organizations have ignored the most important issues being faced by the women: The distribution of sanitary napkins. Nischay foundation, the social outfit has been distributing free sanitary napkins to girls in remote villages of East Singhbum district in Jharkhand, “Most of the girls are facing non-availability of sanitary napkins because of the closure of shops or unable to purchase due to economic woes. Apart from food, sanitary napkins are required by women to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases,” said Tarun Kumar, founder of Nischay to Chalgenius.

“We decided to distribute sanitary napkins to girls who live in remote villages and hamlets as shops in those areas are closed or finding it difficult to afford because of monetary issues.”Tarun along with his group of volunteers has collected Rs 40,000 through personal crowdfunding and has distributed 2,500 packets (each has 6-7 napkins) of sanitary napkins to the needy rural girls across 80 villages of the district since April 12. The entire district has been divided into three zones for volunteers to understand their demarcated areas easily. Students and teachers have all involved themselves to help in these hard times. Tarun and his volunteers have traveled across the district to distribute the packets as required. Nischay has been working on menstrual hygiene in a number of blocks in East Singhbhum and has also created the Pad Bank concept to make rural girls get used to better hygiene while having their periods, “We have also created pad bank in schools where the girls can itself collect pads from the boxes kept in the schools. The pads are arranged on the donations made by the well-wishers.,” Tarun told Chalgenius. He says that it is a tough job to create awareness on menstrual hygiene among villagers during a lockdown, “It is still difficult to talk about the subject, especially in rural villages where people are reluctant even to start a discussion on it. Still, our volunteers have been trying to convince people that sanitary napkins are necessary for women for maintaining hygiene.

(Text Source: chalgenius)

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